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Terms and Conditions

  • Based on an assumption that information, briefs of each product range, overall brand philosophy etc will be provided before the commencement of asset build
  • Creative changes required after final approval of approved campaign idea / scripts / copywriting would be considered as an overage and will be charged accordingly
  • Duration of films / videos will be mentioned on each script developed. Schedules of final weekly deliverables will be provided.
  • This calculation of bid days is an average estimation based on the avg. script and asset wise breakdown we make internally.
  • This calculation of cost is an estimation based on the note provided by the client. Any stock footage used will be billed on actuals to the client.
  • These cost may be revisited later based – If in the scenario may tend to deviate from the original campaign idea approved on which basis the subsquent script assets and iterations for respective products or group films has been provided to client
  • Process of approval and no. of language versions / iterations allowed for any film / video – will be an extra overage, approval needs to be discussed
  • A maximum of 2 iterations or changes will be allowed for any film / video. Anything above that , will be considered as an overage. 
  • 50% advance required before shoot
  • Final HD version of the videos will be sent only after receiving remaning 50% of the payment
  • Storyboards are an estimate of the final output
  • After the first cut is delivered the client needs to respond within 24 hrs with approvals or feedback
  • No response from the client for 3 Days after submitting the video will lead to project closure
  • After the first cut is delivered, maximum of 2 iterations will be permitted for which a comprehensive feedback will be required, the final video needs to be closed in 4 days keeping frequency of feedbacks in mind
  • The timeline for video delivery will be shared seperately once commercials are closed
  • Delivery of all final videos to be closed in 10 days after approval of concept for 2D videos
  • In case of single video requirement a waiting period of 40 days has to be considered